For tips on making a start on your decluttering, see these factsheets:


Download this file (Download 1 Hints and tips.pdf)Download 1 Hints and tips.pdf[Hint and Tips]176 kB
Download this file (Download 2 Doing a declutter.pdf)Download 2 Doing a declutter[Doing a declutter]105 kB
Download this file (Download 3 Clothing declutter.pdf)Download 3 Clothing declutter.pdf[Clothing declutter]135 kB
Download this file (Download 4 Tips for Children's decluttering.pdf)Download 4 Tips for Children's decluttering.pdf[Tips for Children's decluttering]211 kB
Download this file (Download 5 Study Declutter.pdf)Download 5 Study Declutter.pdf[Study and Office Decluttering]174 kB