Dear Jennifer, my space-invading angel, I've just had a few more tears but of real joy this time as I can't believe what you've achieved! In a few short hours you've relieved me of many years of accumulations and associated trauma. I feel renewed and in a different 'space' - haha, yes and of course a TIDY and organised one!! You made it all so do-able and also enjoyable which I didn't think it would be. It was a pleasure to have you here and entrust you with everything. Thanks again for being so energetic, methodical, inspirational and undaunted! Totally brilliant!    Sue S


This is just a quick note to thank you so much for your excellent talk and presentation at West and Middle Chinnock WI.  We’re still talking about the subject – whether through guilt, apathy or despair I’m not sure – but there can be no doubt that, to a greater or lesser degree, we all have need of a modus operando for de-cluttering.  Clearly for some it’s a purely physical  (things) problem; for others, I suspect, it’s a more deep-rooted problem associated with attitudes, upbringing, security – you name it – but you have started the ball rolling (or is it an avalanche?!).  We thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and wish you all the best for 2016.


Thank you! Thank you! You have been a brilliant support in this task, bringing with you energy and insperation. I could not have acheived this without your help.    JA, Winford


Thank you Jennifer; you were a great a help to me when you helped me to clear up my rather overloaded workroom. You were very patient and allowed me time to make my decisions about each item and the end result was amazing. Thank you.   Elizabeth, Trull


When my Mother-in-Law passed away I inherited the rather daunting task of clearing a very cluttered house. Jennifer helped me to do this with empathy, efficiency and great speed! She helped me to decide what to keep, what to recycle and what to throw away and gave me tips as to where best to dispose of or recycle stuff. Over the course of a couple of short days we worked, chatted and achieved amazing results. Thank you!    Bryony, Adber


Thanks Jennifer. It was a huge pleasure to work with you and I will recommend you to my friends. I still can’t believe the amount you achieved for me in such a short time!    Stella, Wellington

Dear Jennifer,

Thanks so much for coming out to de-clutter my office.  It was highly successful and I was absolutely exhausted:  I fell asleep on the sofa after you left!

The next morning I came down and cleared out one of the kitchen cupboards, almost without intending to, and our cleaning lady appeared this morning and was deeply impressed. I’ve already gone through one pile of papers, thereby creating yet more space in an already utterly spacious room!!  I’ve just got to persuade myself not to allow any of the piles to build up in the future!

What an amazing road you've set me on!!

Rosie Inge

Food and Restaurant Editor
What’s on Somerset